Deep Asian Roots Committed to Integrity and Quality



Our core value is alignment. We do right by our investors as we invest, manage and protect their money alongside our own.


We are strongly rooted in Asia, collaborative in style and global in outlook.


We are research-driven, value-based and strive for superior risk-adjusted returns.


We are committed to integrity and fairness and embed ESG practices throughout our business.


We think long-term for relationships, partners and investments.


Our culture is shaped by our people - we nurture a culture of excellence, transparency, creativity, and meritocracy.


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Interest aligned

We manage investors’ money as we manage our own.

Long-term oriented icon

Long-term oriented

We prioritize long-term investment opportunities.

Strong partnership ethos icon

Strong partnership ethos

Collaboration is fundamental to our business.

Committed to integrity and fairness icon

Committed to integrity and fairness

We uphold the highest ethical standards.

ESG integration icon

ESG integration

Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations are embedded into our investment philosophy.

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Our in-depth knowledge of the Asian Rates, FX and Credit markets is demonstrated by a track record of consistent returns with low volatility while navigating through various crises in the financial markets.

Ronnie Roy

Founder, CEO and CIO
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RV Capital builds balanced portfolios and manages risk through a well established institutional framework. We use proprietary investing & valuation models for the Asian markets, run by a team of smart, highly motivated professionals.

Vickram Mangalgiri

Founder, CFO and COO