Image of Ronnie Roy.

Ronnie Roy

Founder, CIO & CEO
“One of the best investment minds for long-term sustained growth of your assets!”
Image of Vickram Mangalgiri.

Vickram Mangalgiri

Founder, CFO & COO
“Problem solver extraordinaire - leader who can resolve any crisis!”
Image of Rajesh Mahadevan.

Rajesh Mahadevan

Deputy CIO
“Probably knows the Central Banks better than the Central Bankers!”
Image of Pardhasaradhi Viswanadha.

Pardhasaradhi Viswanadha

“Sharp trained eye to catch all kinds of risks in the portfolio!”
Image of Thomas Picard.

Thomas Picard

Head of Investor Relations
“Committed to excellent client service, unparalleled transparency and lightning-fast responding to Investors – regardless of time zones!”
Image of Caroline de Courreges.

Caroline de Courreges

Business Development, Europe
“A polyglot, knows exactly what clients want combined with a deep understanding of the fund portfolios!”
Image of Yvonne Tan.

Yvonne Tan

Head of Operations
“Detailed, meticulous – will keep track of every cent!”
Image of Harmeet Singh.

Harmeet Singh

Head of Finance and Project Management
“Master negotiator, project manager for finance and analytics, gets things done!”
Image of Aakash Desai.

Aakash Desai

General Counsel, CCO
"Battle-scarred legal eagle and stickler for the rules!"
Image of Thomas Olsen.

Thomas Olsen

“Will solve every IT problem that cannot be solved by restarting!”

RV Capital Advisory India Private Ltd.

Image of Shyamal Karmakar.

Shyamal Karmakar

CIO India
“One of the best structuring minds in the Indian credit space with a wide on-the-ground network!”
Image of Sivananda Subudhi.

Sivananda Subudhi

Portfolio Manager
"Skilled credit underwriter, trained to find hidden gems of investment opportunities!"

Joining RV Capital

Our hiring process is personal, collaborative and selects colleagues for the long-term giving them responsibility, support, opportunities and rewards.

We value the quality of our product and the quality of our people, and we combine a dedication to meeting our clients’ needs with a commitment to our team.

Our growth means we are always hiring experienced professionals with expertise in Asia Macro and Credit investing, financial and macroeconomic modeling, risk management, finance and operations.

Working at RV Capital offers the dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit of a small firm with the infrastructure, technology, support and rewards of a large organization.

We are always looking for exceptional talent who are intellectually curious, passionate and share our mission values and principles. If this sounds appealing, please get in touch.

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